Dear competitors,
Just two weeks to go, and we are looking forward to welcoming you all in Dungarvan for the first Shamrock Vintage Challenge.

This should be your final bulletin before you arrive in Dungarvan so I have a number of bits of information for you. Please read carefully and pass on to your driver/navigator just in case they have missed anything.

  1. There is a revised set of regulations attached. To help you see what has been amended or changed, I have stuck out anything that is not now relevant and the replacement or addition is in red type and highlighted in yellow. After this I will tidy it up so the whole thing will be black and white again.
  2. Also attached is an outline schedule for the event (this is also in the regs). This gives you an outline of where you will be on each day. All formalities on the Sunday, scrutiny, documentation, driver’s briefing etc will take place in the area of the Park Hotel Dungarvan, where you will be staying on the Sunday night. So please can you arrive on time as we have quite a lot to get through on that morning.
  3. At documentation you will be given the road book for the entire four days. This will be in tulip diagram format and will include all information for the route except the regularities and tests. The regularities and tests will be in the form of a Day Book, and there will be one for each day. The Day Books will be available for collection 30 minutes before your due OUT time at the relevant MTC, on each day. This is more to stop crews spending hours on Google maps in their bedrooms when they should be socialising, rather than anything devious on the organisers behalf.
  4. While on the subject of socialising. Our night out at Kilkenny castle requires some fairly tight timing so please try to help this work smoothly. When you get to The Lyrath Hotel on the Monday, your bags should already be in your rooms (assuming that you have attached the label that you will be given at documentation). You will have time to ablute and change in time to get on the coach to take you reception in the Long Gallery at Kilkenny Castle. The crews of the first 25 cars will leave Lyrath at 18.30 with the next 25 being collected 25 minutes later.
  5. As you know, the Tuesday night is designed to allow you see a bit of Kilkenny. We hope that by now you have aquainted yourself with a bit of what the city has to offer. We will have a smaller coach on hand to ferry you back and forth on the night. There is a lot of information available on the internet, but just to get you started on the food end, the following may help.
  6. The Finish Time Control (MTC) of the event will be again at Kilkenny Castle, where if the weather is kind will be wonderful venue to finish things off. If you have any friends who would like too see the cars, this is probably the best spot.
  7. Attached is tulip for the measured mile for those that might like to get that out of the way before attending to the other formalities on Sunday morning
  8. Also attached is the entry list in car numbers and starting order for Day 1.
  9. Please remember all of the requirements for scrutiny (see regulations) especially, correct fire extinguisher, groundsheet etc.

– Michael CoC