Dear competitors,
As the Easter weekend is upon us, and we will all need some sort of diversion to save us from scoffing too much of that chocolate stuff, I though that I might send you all some notes that your kind competitor liaison officer, Ian McCulloch has prepared for you. These are attached to this email. Most of you will already be used to the various presentations of tests and routes that we will be using, but hopefully this may be of interest to some that may not come across all of these systems.

In the meantime all is advancing well, precise measuring has been done (sometimes between high snow banks, which hopefully be long gone by May) and final touches are being made to tests.

There are just a couple of bits that may be of relevance to you.

  1. Despite a follow up clarification regarding FIVA passports after Bulletin 1, a number of competitors still seem to a bit confused about this. Though FIVA recommend competitors obtain a relevant passport for their cars, this is not mandatory, and competitors will not be in trouble if they turn up without one.
  2. There is one place left for anyone that would like to avail of the transport service from Bicester to the start at Dungarvan, and back from Kilkenny to Bicester. If you are interested please make contact with me as soon as possible.

Happy Easter
Michael CoC