Newsletter 10

Dear competitors,
Just a week to go. The weather has been a bit unkind for the past few days but forecast is looking bright, so pack the factor 50 and smart shades. I only have a few bits for you this time.

  1. A number of competitors have asked about dress code for the Castle and prizegiving night. Its just smart casual, no tuxes or medals.
  2. Daily running order. On Day 1 everyone will set off in numerical order, that means the earliest car first and latest one last. On Day 2 cars will be seeded, leading car first. On Day 3 again seeded with leading car first. On Day 4 Seeded with leading car running last.
  3. A reminder that those of you that have their priorities in order and need a spa or other treatment at the Lyrath Estate Hotel should book this directly with the hotel. But you will need to do it in advance. Tel 00 353 (0)56 7760088
  4. Two small amendments to the regulations as follows. The highlighted bits will replace the truck out bits.
    • 17.6 Sections may be run on public or on private roads and both may be open to ordinary traffic. On these, competitors are required to maintain a constant speed for a given distance. The speed may vary during the Section but will not exceed 50 kph (30 mph) on public roads or 70 kph (43.5 mph) on private roads,
    • 17.14 Tests may include such features as:- “STOP” boxes indicated by four markers, forming a box, Competitors must STOP within the box, before proceeding, “STOP ASTRIDE line, a line between two markers where Competitors must stop with both front wheels over the line and both rear wheels behind the line; Passage Check Code Boards where Competitors must stop and write the code on their Time Card in ink before reaching the end of the test. The position of such controls boards will be indicated by a white board with the letters CB in black standard Passage Control Boards -Yellow Advance, Red at Control. An example of the Code Board will be on display at Signing On or at a previously notified location. Additional time will be added for failure to come to a complete stop within a “STOP” box, or to stop correctly at a STOP-ASTRIDE line, or to correctly record a Code.
  5. Two attachments, there have been some changes to a couple of crews so throw out the previous entry list and replace with this one. The measured mile that you were given with Bulletin 3 was from an early recee, and has been superseded with a new one, so again please dump your previous one and use this new one.

See you all next week