Newsletter 1

The Irish Racing Green principals have not been idling. The Shamrock Spectacular is never far from their minds. Recently, they have been indulging in exercises to get them in the mood and to hone their skills for the exigencies of next year’s event.

Shane has been globe trotting as usual. This will manifest itself in the positive features from other events, which he will incorporate into The Shamrock so as to enhance the experience. He has not been daunted by his recent Flying Scotsman outing which was spoiled by an early mechanical issue.

Mickey Gabbett’s Annual Treasure Hunt, in aid of conviviality, took place, in Kilkenny mostly, recently. It allowed him to refresh his memory (at his age, it needs plenty of refreshing) of some of the fabulous roads in the south-east of Ireland. There were reminders of mapping anomalies, e.g. Garryduff Crossroads: also, junctions with “triangle” combinations to liven up the regularities.

Michael Jackson is in the throes of finalising the 2017 Gordon Bennett Rally arrangements. This year the rally is being run over terrain, some of which is Shamrock appropriate. All sorts of strengths, complementary to those needed for the Shamrock, are being exercised. Shane and Mickey are, of course, also intrinsically involved in this event.

So fear not! Your 2018 Vintageant Adventure is well in hand. The important details, like hotels and many of the test locations, have already been arranged. Joining the dots to best effect is all that remains. You can be sure that the links will be challengingly obtuse.